About Alaina


I’m Alaina, a 21 year old senior at Westfield State University. I grew up just outside of Boston, MA and I’m a lover of all things ocean, reading, writing and fashion. I attended Bristol County Agricultural High School as a Small Animal Science major, and I now attend Westfield State University where I am English and Communications as an Honors student. At my university, I live with my girlfriend of almost 6 years and two best freinds. At home, I live with my fabulous dad and my fat cat, Winnie. I’m bisexual, autistic, and a rape and domestic violence survivor. This is my blog about autism: being an autistic person, living in a non-autistic world, dealing with ableism, navigating my autistic life and just loving things. Some of my other identities and experiences may come up from time to time and I will always be candid and honest about my perspective. Above all, I want this space to be an open space of discussion, education and acceptance for all people.


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